lissa-brian-award1-resizeTwo dedicated employees from Lighthouse Placement Services, Lissa Jerez and Bryan Johnson, were selected to go on the annual Presidents Club trip to Aruba. CEO of 360 Staffing Solutions, Matt Briand stated, “S360 has roughly 175 employees and the 11 (selected) represent the ‘Best of the Best’ with regard to total annual Gross Profit production in representation of three subsidiaries, from both the US and UK. It takes tremendous commitment and focus over the course of a year to earn a seat at President’s Club”. Lissa and Bryan were thankful to have been part of this wonderful experience. “It is said that Aruba is ‘One Happy Island’ and it is truly just that!” said Lissa Jerez. Congratulations to Lissa and Bryan, we are proud of our hardworking team!