Eleonora Resize Big1Eleonora Iuvara was voted Lighthouse Employee of the Month for December 2016.

This award is given to the staff member that has gone “Above and Beyond” the call of duty. Eleonora joined the Lighthouse team in January 2016.  After a year with Lighthouse, Eleonora has blossomed into a strong Account Manager.  She had 5 placements for the month of December including a Quality Engineer, CAD Admin, Designer, Detailer and a Technician resulting in a Silver Level Achievement Award.  This is an impressive feat considering the diversification of candidates she was able to provide to 4 different clients.  Equally impressive is the fact that the month of December is typically a slow month for hiring so her persistence paid off.  After only being with the company for a year, Eleonora is working hard to educate herself in the Technology Staffing Arena and does research on each of her clients to better understand their needs.   This practice is obviously paying off.  Eleonora continues to be an asset to our team and we appreciate her dedication. Congratulations Eleonora!