jenn2015-largejennifer-2015Jennifer Parrella was voted Lighthouse Employee of the Month for March 2015. This award is given to the Lighthouse employee that has gone “Above and Beyond” the call of duty. Jennifer has been an Account Manager for Lighthouse for five years after spending a year in recruiting. She has a thorough understanding of Information Technology and has been working hard to master the nuances of Technical Engineering and Manufacturing. Jennifer handles several high volume clients as well as a group of niche clients with specific technical requirements. She forms strong bonds with her clients and is diligent in providing fast response times without risking quality. This will be her eighth award since joining Lighthouse and we are proud of the progress she’s made. Jennifer always responds to client inquires quickly. If she doesn’t have the answer, she gets right back to them and lets them know when they will have their answer. One of Jennifer’s largest clients has been in a hiring mode since the beginning of the year. Jennifer has stepped up and helped the recruiting staff with sourcing, interview scheduling, reference checking and candidate on-boarding. This extra effort has resulted in seventeen placements for the month of March, one of which she recruited herself. Jennifer earned a Platinum Level Achievement award in March. Congratulations Jennifer, great job!