Lissa Jerez was voted Lighthouse Employee of the Month for June 2015. This award is given to the staff member that goes “above and beyond” the call of duty. This is the THIRTEENTH time Lissa has received this award since joining Lighthouse in June of 2008! Lissa has earned this award more times than any other employee in the company and she certainly deserves the recognition. Lissa’s dedication to her work is admirable. When out of the office, she is on her phone 24/7 and responds to clients in a timely manner. She takes an interest in the temporary employees she places with her clients and meets most of them before they interview. She brokered 12 placements in June resulting in a Platinum Level Achievement Award. Lissa is respected by her clients and they enjoy working with her. They know she is sincere and genuine in her desire to find the right person for their company, focusing on technology and culture. She often jumps in and helps the recruiters in a search and is appreciative of their efforts. Lissa is a positive, encouraging person who cares about others. We are grateful for all that she does. Congratulations Lissa!!