gayle-picGayle Silvestro was voted Lighthouse Employee of the December 2015. This award is given to the staff member that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Gayle Silvestro has been with Lighthouse in the role of Accounting Assistant since March of 2014. She deserves this award for many reasons but what really stands out is her willingness to take on new tasks or challenges and her ability research or resolve them by herself. Our contractors and clients have been asking us to adopt an on-line time and reporting payroll product. Gayle has led this effort, helped choose the vendor and has been instrumental in implementing this enormous project. On top of that in December, she researched and compiled ACA reporting, inputted all data for W-2’s, participated in a quarterly audit, devised tracking for MA Paid Sick Time and helped with an internal database project for reports. Gayle’s ability to research, learn, adapt and implement is simply astounding. Thank you Gayle, for all you do behind the scenes to make all of our jobs easier.