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RECRUITER SPECIALIZATION – Each of our recruiters handles specific disciplines. This model creates continuity and familiarity with their areas of expertise. When a candidate calls LPS, they are asked what kind of work they perform and are connected with a knowledgeable recruiter. This cuts down on the learning curve because that recruiter talks to the same type of people regularly and can quickly discern what they do and how they match our job orders. It also helps the recruiter to develop a network and keep up with industry trends within that discipline. Candidates always speak to the same recruiter when they call so they don’t have to keep explaining what they do and can develop a relationship with the recruiter.

Our recruiters are trained to “get to know” their candidates in order to make a good match when placing them into assignments with our clients. We find that candidates like to have one point of contact and to be recognized when they call. This reduces the time per call and increases efficiency. The candidates are made to feel that they have someone working for them, getting to know them and marketing their skills. Even after the candidate is placed, the relationship continues. The recruiter checks in with their candidates on assignment regularly to find out how it is going. If the assignment ends, the recruiter works hard to place the candidate again.

Our recruiters place people at many clients but only in their specific discipline. This way, they get exposed to all of our clients and they learn what clients have similar needs such as Industry, CAD systems, design standards, specific certifications, etc. This allows them to remember candidates from prior searches when a similar opening comes in with a different client.

Recruiter Specialization improves our recruiting effectiveness, training and customer service.

“James is a very knowledgeable account administrator and an excellent recruiter for his company and his clients. James responded directly and honestly (with knowledge and good insight) to my questions during the interview preparation and interview process. He eliminated any of my concerns. In addition to being a friend and dependable contact in his company for subcontractors like me, James has always performed with integrity in our working relationship.”

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