Brockton, MA
Date Posted: September 27, 2017
Employment Type: Contract
Job Id: 7923

Job Description

Main Job Duties:           

  • Reads test schedule, work orders, test manuals, performance  specifications, wiring diagrams, and schematics to determine testing procedure and equipment to be used.
  • Tests functional performance of systems, subassemblies, and parts under specified environmental conditions such as temperature change, vibration, pressure and humidity.
  • Connects unit to be tested to test equipment such as signal generator, frequency meter, or spectrum analyzer.
  • Reads dials or digital displays that indicate electronic characteristics such as voltage, frequency, distortion, inductance, and capacitance.
  • Compares results with specifications and records test data or plots test results on graph.
  • Analyzes test results on defective units to determine cause of failure.
  • Replaces defective wiring and components or records defects on tag attached to unit and returns unit to production department for repair.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of Ohm’s Law and logic gate function
  • Confers with engineers, technicians, production personnel, and others regarding testing procedures and results and to resolve problems.


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