Manchester, NH
Date Posted: April 21, 2016
Employment Type: Contract To Hire
Job Id: 6740

Job Description

System Security & Exploitation Engineer
Required Technical Skills

· You regularly build software and demo hacks using C, Assembly, Python, and Bash.
· You've used (or know of) emerging tools/projects such as: AFL, Unicorn, UML (not diagrams), Keystone (not the beverage), Capstone, PEDA, Radare, etc.
· You've used (or know of) traditional tools/projects such as: GDB, Valgrind, and binutils
· You've disassembled programs
· You've built custom kernels and/or custom kernel drivers
· You are (or would be) comfortable developing software for any OS (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc)

Required Non-Technical Skills

· You like to documents things as you work. Maybe in Powerpoint or Markup.
· You like to share ideas with teammates
· You like to tell teammates about your favorite tools
· Sense of humor is required. You laugh at the idiosyncrasies of systems programming because otherwise you would cry.

Desired Technical Skills

· Experience with hypervisor development
· Knowledge of hardware virtualization primitives (e.g. Intel VT, AMD SVM, ARM VE)
· Light soldering / reflow experience (e.g. building custom debug cables; modding gaming systems)

This position requires a Master's degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field, and 6+ years of related experience. Exceptional or uniquely qualified candidates will be considered independent of formal experience.

Other Requirements: Ability to acquire and maintain a DoD security clearance

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