Nashua, NH
Date Posted: April 04, 2017
Employment Type: Contract
Job Id: 7577

Job Description

Process Technician  

The responsibilities include but not limited to the following: Make sure that equipment is ready for Production per PROMIS and preflight check list. Run equipment qualification and tests run under Engineering Group Supervision. Process lots in timely manner according to PROMIS script and FCS instructions. Assist Engineering Group in Problems troubleshooting and resolution. Participates in process requirements identification, and process analysis, documentation and tracking. Assist with Design of Experiments for process cost & yield improvements.   

Skills Required  semiconductor process, photolithogrpahy and/or ebeam lithography, wetchem, drychem, metal and thin film, thinning.   

Skills Preferred  operation of Ultratec Stepper, contact aligner, ACS coater, CDSEM, ebeam evaporator, plasma sputtering, metal plating, plasma etching, grinding. SPC, DOE, Promis.   

Experience Required:  semiconductor process, wafer handling, clean room protocol   

Experience Preferred:  compound semiconductor processes with GaAs and GaN wafers.   

Education Required:  High School education   

Education Preferred:  2-year degree 


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