Manchester, NH
Date Posted: April 21, 2016
Employment Type: Direct Hire
Job Id: 6739

Job Description

Principal Senior Scientist
The candidate will be responsible for pioneering research and development in the area of cyber security, and will be involved in every aspect of technology development, including developing original research ideas, pursuing those ideas to completion, and applying those ideas to meet the needs of end customers. Required qualifications include:

· Strong hacking skills: The ideal candidate will have mastery of state of the art hacking and exploitation techniques (ASLR bypassing, etc) as well as the ability to apply that knowledge defensively to help design new protections that defend critical systems.
· Excellent leadership skills and ability to work independently and supervise people in order to manage multiple projects and priorities. We are seeking someone that is highly self-motivated and organized and enjoys the task of brining a team together to help solve some of the nation's most challenging cyber security problems.
· Effective written and oral communication skills to effectively interact with peers, supervisors, subordinates, and customers. Must be able to produce technical reports describing work performed, proposals for new work, and conduct presentations to customers.

Significant technical expertise including areas such as:
· Software reverse engineering, Vulnerability Research, embedded systems analysis & development. Must have working knowledge of current exploit mitigation techniques (e.g. ASLR, stack canaries, etc).
· Comfort developing and reversing software for a variety of common architectures (x86/64, ARM, etc) and operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.)

· Experience writing systems level code (e.g. kernel, driver, hypervisor) for multiple CPU architectures (x86/64, ARM, PowerPC, SPARC, MIPS)


This position requires a Master's degree (Ph.D. preferred) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field, and 10+ years of related experience. Exceptional or uniquely qualified candidates will be considered independent of formal experience.

Other Requirements: Ability to acquire and maintain a DoD security clearance

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