Our Story

Over 75 years of combined experience placing highly qualified, well matched individuals into high technology positions

Our Story

Lighthouse Placement Services began operations on January 8th, 2001 as a woman-owned small business specializing in placing Engineering and Technical professionals in High Technology positions throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. The firm grew quickly and incorporated on July 7, 2001 as Lighthouse Placement Services, LLC. The company has expanded into the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Information Technology sectors. Investments in hiring and training internal staff, corporate infrastructure, marketing and process improvement have allowed Lighthouse Placement Services to become recognized as an industry leader in the Technical Staffing arena.

In 2015, Lighthouse Placement Services, LLC joined the Staffing 360 Solutions portfolio of companies and became Lighthouse Placement Services, Inc.  Staffing 360 Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: STAF) is an emerging public company in the international staffing sector engaged in the acquisition and successful integration of US and UK staffing agencies.

Lighthouse Placement Services, Inc. is proud of its contributions in making the world a better place by recruiting talented individuals that can help to advance technology in areas such as Defense, Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical Research.

We are grateful to our loyal clients, contractors, and candidates for allowing us to represent them in the marketplace.

“Lissa, thank you again for thinking of me. You have been very professional and supportive to my job search efforts in the past 5+ months. I would say, the best recruiter experience I’ve had.”

Senior Electrical Engineer

“I found Lighthouse Placement Services to be a wonderful agency for several reasons. Telephone calls are returned in record time by anyone in the company; updates to Security Clearance information also handled the day they are notified. I called in last-minute requests from my desk oftentimes on Friday afternoon, or near 5:00 PM in the evening. I worked on contract for two years via Lighthouse.

On one occasion, I was having difficulty with my tax deductions. I am a Technical Writer and math is not one of my strong points. I placed a call to the Controller of the company, Dave Allan, on a very snowy afternoon, thinking he’d never be there with the roads becoming so treacherous. He was indeed in his office. Dave took the time to very clearly explain to me what was going on and made a sterling recommendation for a change resulting in a large tax refund the following year! I completely forgot about the change and would typically be paying the IRS. January and February are tough months for everyone. We had furnace repairs and ice storm expenses as a result of being without power for eight days. One of the cars needed brakes and we had mortgage payments due. Just imagine the surprise my husband got when he went to have the taxes done and discovered that we’re not paying this year, we’re getting paid! I couldn’t thank Dave enough for taking the time to help me. That decision saved us. He was right there on a snowy winter evening when I needed him, he could have left for home.”

Sr. Technical Writer